Hello! Thank you, you care enough about me to visit this section of the site! First off, I'd like to say that the form I used on this section was stolen from Killopossum. You'll find the link to the site below and on the links page. ^^ Anyway, please enjoy my random babblings below. You can also read my incoherent rants in my livejournal. Thanks! -e-

Name: Maggie.

Nicknames: My names on the Internet change often, but are usually loosely based on my original names. I started with Eliza McGreg, which then turned to E-chan, or e. I also went by Ryze Phoenix, which eventually split into Ryze, Phoenix, or, bringing E into this, E. Phoenix or ephoenix. Right now I most use 'Phoenix' [SS forums, livejournal], and on FF.N I use Ryze [although I haven't been there in a long time, and the stuff I have there is crap], here I use e.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Date of birth: March 26

Siblings: Three. I have a brother and two sisters.

Pets: A dog [Owen], a cat [Lily], and two African Dormice [Ed and Farf]

Hobbies: Watching movies, reading, writing, computer, Internet, video games, listening to music, lj, making icons.

Fav. Games: Zelda series, Super Smash Brothers [Melee], Animal Crossing, SSX series, among others.

Fav. Anime[s]: Slayers, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, among others.

Fav. Manga: Kodocha and Marmalade Boy, among others.

Fav. Books: The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, David Weber, Garth Nix, among others.

Hair [long or short]: About shoulder length.

Hair color: Dark, but confused

Short or tall: Around 5'4" or taller.

Friends: I'd name them, but I'm too worried I'd forget someone.

Ever been in love?: Depends what love is.

Things you miss the most: All the friends I've lost.

Most important thing in your life: Life itself, life you can share with others.

Pet peeves: People who type poorly and fangirls.

Bad/odd habits: Perfection is the greatest flaw.

Favorite type of music: Pop/punk, campy '80s music, rock, Japanese.

Fav. TV show[s]: Simpsons first, then Will & Grace, Futurama, and Scrubs.

Fav. movie[s]: Edward Scissorhands, but many others are adored, including Lord of the Rings (Return of the King), The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Matrix, among others.

What's your room like?: Clean for the most part, despite some clothes in corners that need to be put away.

Other languages: Spanish, Japanese, and Latin.

Dating: No.

Drugs: None.

Self-esteem: Somewhat.

What song best describes you?: Can't decide.

Fav. Bands: Many different bands. (lazy)

Fav. Animals: Bats and little dogs. <3

What I want to be: I want to be a Care Bear, a caterpillar, or a hobo. :o