Hello, minna-chan! This is just a small message stating that all of these pieces of artwork belong to their respected owners, so if you want them on your site, ask them and not me. Everything was written or drawn by the authors with the exception of my comments which are signed with "-e-" Thank you and enjoy the fanarts!

"Ken and Omi" by Lily

Warnings: um.... yaoi? (duhhh, it's a yoai site, but anyway...)

Description: Chibi Ken and Omi

Cute! Ken and Omi are so adorable! *hugs chibi and Lily* -e-

"Stick Figures" by Libby

Warnings: Stick figure nudity (which is none), two boys holding hands...but that's what this site is about....hmmm.....

Description: Proof that even stick figures support Ken x Omi, therefore applying peer pressure upon the viewer of the fanart to "psyche them out" in a sense, and the make them want to support Ken x Omi. (All the cool people support Ken x Omi.) It's actually just a "fanart" (because I can't draw) so E-chan would be happy about having things in her gallery and so I could go back to looking for angst fics about the bishounen of my choice (right now, it's Marron. ^_^) ~Libby~

See, now I have stick figures promoting Ken x Omi! I'm unstoppable! -e-

"kawaii kisses" by ali-chan

Warnings: kissing

Description: a picture of ken and omi kissing surrounded by shojou bubbles and a purpl glow ^_^

Isn't it so cute? ^^; Thank you ali-chan! -e-

"Snuggly" by Whitachu (aka: Ace-kun)

Warnings: Masive snuggly-ness ^__^

Description: Omi and Ken share a glomp ^__^

This is such an adorable fanart! Keep up the excellent work, Ace-kun. Sorry this took so long to put up! -e-

"Embrace" by Ace

Warnings: None...that I can think of ^_^;

Description: Omi takes a little nap w/ Ken as a pillow ^-^

Another wonderful fanart by Ace. Isn't it so gorgeously adorable? ^^; -e-

"Chibi Love" by Kara Angitia

Warnings: Um... does extreme cuteness and blushing Omi count?

Description: Ken comes back from a soccer game to see that flowers have been left for him, I wonder from whom though ^-^

This picture is so adorable! Who can resist chibi Omi blushing? ^__^ Thank you, Kara! -e-

"Sweet Dreams" by Kara Angitia

Warnings: None really that I can think of

Description: Just Ken and Omi sleeping together ^-^

I love the facial expressions in this picture. Omi looks so innocent while Ken looks so confused, but not displeased with the situation. ^^; I also adore Ken's hair. Thanks again for another wonderful fanart, Kara! -e-

"Together" by Kara Angitia

Warnings: None at all ^-^

Description: Um... Omi and Ken spending time together, both looking cute as can be

Another adorable fanart from Kara Angitia! Thank you so much. ^^ I love Ken's facial expression in this art. -e-