Character[s]- Ken and Yoji
Episode- 24
Context- The Weiß boys are hiding out, when Omi tells Ken and Yoji, "Take good caution, you guys!" Yoji turns to a blushing Ken and smiles as he asks, "Did you hear that, Ken?" Annoyed (and still blushing), Ken demands, "What are you talking about?" Aya then turns to Omi to say, "Let's go.", Omi responding with a pondering sound. Getting up to walk away, they leave a blushing Ken behind, looking around nervously, until he decides to run and catch up.
Comment- ~.^ Come on! Who blushes when their scared?! And ya know, Yoji REALLY knows what's going on... *evil smirk* I personally love this scene, since it's so Omen! [Omi x Ken] You HAVE TO love this picture... even thought the quality is horrible... I'm really sorry about that, but that's how my VCDs are... or maybe it's just Tripod... *shrugs*

Character[s]- Omi
Episode- 21
Context- Omi falls into Ken's arms and is blushing... I'll rewatch that part... ^.^;;;
Comment- He BLUSHED! There was NO reason other than he was embarrassed about falling into his lover's arms that he could have blushed about. [or poison. whatever.] THINK ABOUT IT!

Character[s]- Ken and Omi
Episode- ???
Context- ???
Comment- Friends, eh? XD Um... Just them standing next to each other, but according to most fangirls, this counts as them loving each other. ~.^ Not much, I know, but... Aww.... They're so cute together! This is the background image I used, just this is its natural colors. ^.^

Character[s]- Ken, Omi, Aya, Yoji, and Sakura
Episode- ???
Context- ???
Comment- Again, just a picture of them next to each other. Nothing big. I know that everyone looks screwed up in this picture, but I love how Aya [and Yoji] look[s]! XD Enjoy the picture, but it's really not that much... *sniff* Bring back the blushing!

Character[s]- Ken
Episode- 24
Context- This is a shot of blushing Ken looking around nervously becuase he's "scared." ~.^ See the first picture, if you want a better description on the context.
Comment- I already sort of said what I wanted to on the context part and on the first picture comment. In other words: ^_____^ *evil smile* Blush all ya want Ken, we know your little secret. *evil cackle*

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