Character[s]- Ken and Omi
Episode- None
Context- None
Comment- Just a random shot of 'em together, but the picture is so wonderfully cute! ^.^

Character[s]- Omi, Aya, and Ken
Episode- ???
Context- ???
Comment- A shot of them together, not quite next to each other, since Aya's between them in the background, but they still look extremely cute in this picture. Ken looks so sweet, winking at you, and Omi has that lovable innocent face. Aww... By the way, this picture sort of sold its self to me, since I named it "ko" [Ken and Omi]. And, when doing my thumbnails, I always keep the name and add an "i" for icon, thus making the title "koi." In Japanese, "koi" means "carp" [no fun!] and "love"... *content smirk* I need to make a motto with that...

Character[s]- Ken
Episode- 24
Context- This scene was described earlier, so you can look there for the details. In any case, this is Ken blushing and looking around nervously. Kawaii Ken desu ne.
Comment- Cute. Ken blushing over his love. ~.^

Character[s]- Omi, Ken, and Farfello
Episode- 24
Context- This is during Crawford's speech, right after Nagi had slammed Omi into a column. Falling and then seeing Ken, Omi lunges and helps the brown haired boy from being beaten into a column by Farf. At this moment, Crawford is saying, "To care for those whom we love! . . . Cute." ~.^ Looks like Brad knows what's happening...
Comment- That's so sweet! Or, as I said when I took the capture, "PROOOOF!!!"

Character[s]- Ken
Episode: 24
Context- This shot follows the previous one. Omi has already pounced on Farfie, and Farfie just kicked him a few times. This is a shot of Ken saying, "Omi..." ^.^
Comment- Give the man a giftwrapped cigar, he learned the guy's name by the last episode! Woo! Seriously, I love that scene. *sighs* So Omen/Kemi... ^.^

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