Character[s]- Ken and Omi
Episode- 24
Context- After they fell. Ken is holding Omi. ^.^
Comment- How sweet! ^.^

Character[s]- Brad, Ken, Omi, Farf, and Ken again
Episode- 24
Context- These two shots are during the "big fight scene at the end. Both Ken and Omi are defending one another.
Comment- ^.^!! They love each other. *nods*

Character[s]- Omi
Episode- 24
Context- Also during the "big fight scene", Omi and Ken are protecting each other. This is while Brad is saying "We will continue to protect [those] we love!"......
Comment- .....ehehehehehehehe.....

Character[s]- Ken, Omi, and Farfello
Episode- 24
Context- They're protecting each other. ^.^;
Comment- Hm... Makes me want to make a Farfello x Omi shrine.... *evil smirk*

Character[s]- Ken and Omi
Episode- OAV
Context- Um... They're hiding because Youji and Aya are going to kill them. ^.^;;;
Comment- Did I ever mention I LOVE the OAV?

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