This story sets me yawning every time. This is another random scene, but it’s complete enough to be posted on it’s own, so here it is. This actually started out as my little attempt at yaoi lime, but it ended up a kinda borderline friendship story. You get to decide if it’s yaoi or friendship.


Omi sat typing at his computer. He yawned loudly. What time was it?

2 in the morning.

He should probably be getting to bed soon, but it seemed too much effort to get out of the chair and go all the way up the stairs and into bed. It was much easier to just keep typing and hope to fall asleep at the computer.

Falling asleep at the computer didn’t sound very comfortable, he would probably go and drool on the keyboard too. That would be bad, the A key already stuck sometimes since he had spilled a bit of coke into the keyboard.

Omi stretched his white wings and flapped them slightly. They were stiff from him sitting at the terminal all night. As he shook them, a single feather dislodged and was thrown up into the air. Omi frowned slightly as he let it fall into his outstretched hands. It was a primary, it was always worrying when you lost primaries. Omi was sometimes scared that he would lose them all and not be able to fly.

Late night paranoia, the midnight stalker.

He really didn’t want to have to get up though.

“Omi, come to bed.” Said a quiet voice behind him, fingers dragging gently across the peak of his left wing. Ken appeared beside Omi, yawning “Whatever it is, It can wait for the morning can’t it?”

Omi mumbled something unintelligible, trying to seem like he had something to say. The hand gently stroking the base of his wings felt so damn good. He really didn’t want to have to get up.

“C’mon kid.” Said Ken, withdrawing the caressing hand and gently gripping Omi’s arm. “Mou…” moaned Omi, quietly as Ken tugged at his arm, but he did get up eventually. Ken yawned again, this time setting off an answering yawn from Omi. Together they walked slowly up the winding stairs and up toward the their bedrooms. Omi was beginning to fall asleep by the time they had reached the top floor. He absently wandered into a room and collapsed on the bed.

Ken shook him gently “Omiichi, don’t fall asleep here. This is my bed.”

“Mine now.” grunted Omi, not moving.

“No way. This be my bed. You go sleep somewhere else.” Said Ken hopelessly, seeing that Omi was already half asleep. Ken sighed, he wasn’t going to try to sleep in Omi’s little bed, the boy’s room wasn’t something he thought he could navigate this time at night. “Move over Omiichi.” Said Ken, shoving at the boy who had usurped his place among the blankets.

Omi rolled over accommodatingly “I don’t swing that way Ken-kun…” he mumbled, jokingly.

Ken got into bed with the younger boy. “Yeah, yeah.” He said, with one final yawn. “Night kid.”

“night…” was all Omi could manage, falling asleep almost immediately.

Ken soon followed him into unconsciousness, wondering vaguely what Youji and Aya would think in the morning when they saw the two youngest members of Weiß sound asleep in the same bed.