Hello! So you want to submit a fanart? So kind! So generous! ^^; Below is the submission form and the requirements. Okay, so there are a few requirements to submitting a fanart. Enjoy reading the rules. ;) [Woo hoo. It even sounds like a blast!] After reading the rules, please fill out the submission form and send it to MewMouse13@aol.com. Thank you very much! [Below are the submission form and the rules for submission.]

Submission Form

Title: [Optional ; Can be a statement of who it is, ex. "Ken and Omi"]
E-mail Address:
Post E-mail Address: [Yes or No]
Warnings: [Mild Nudity, Violence, Language etc.]
Please save the image as a bitmap or JPEG. JPEG is preferred. If there are any exceptions needed to be made, please simply contact me.

Submission Rules

1. The art must be Weiß Kreuz.
2. The fanart must depict Ken and Omi. However, it can include others. It is preferred that Ken and Omi are the focus, so that the drawing is not of Aya and Ken holding hands and Omi and Yohji making out in the background. ~~
3. I'm only allowing mild nudity. That means conveniently placed bush/wing/whatever placed in front of the character.
4. Violence is allowed, but try not to make it too graphic.
5. For your own good, I suggest writing your name or something on your pictures so no one steals them. This is not required, but I highly suggest it since I cannot insure that the fanart will not be stolen. However, on the fanart page it will say that fanart is not to be taken and that one is to contact the artist before posting it on their page.
6. Swearing is allowed [for example, in speech bubbles], just make sure you state it as a warning.
7. Have fun! :) And thank you!