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Hello! Thank you very much for clicking on this page. If you would like to submit a fanfiction, feel free to fill out this form and mail it to me at MewMouse13@aol.com. Thank you! [The following consists of the form you should fill out and the rules for submitting a fanfic.]

Submission Form

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Submission Rules

1. The fic must be Weiß Kruez.
2. At the moment, I'm only accepting Ken x Omi fics, but it might open up to Ken fics or Omi fics. You are allowed to have hints of, say Ken x Aya, or Omi x Nagi, but please have Ken x Omi, and have that as one of the main couples, or the main plot to the story.
3. Right now, I'm just accepting fics that are G - PG-13. [R if it's violence, gore, or language, not sexual content.] Why? Because this site is just shounen ai, meaning fluffy stuff. Sure, they can kiss. Sure, you can have a sliver of lime. Just no lemons Got that? Good. ^^
4. Those darn typos. You know what I'm talking about. I don't want fics like this: "ome i luv u u r min bcuz i luvu" :shudders: I would really appreciate it if you took the time to read your fanfic, checking for grammar and spelling errors. Sure, a few typos won't hurt, but please try to correct your errors.
5. Disclaimers! Feel free to put one, stating you don't own Weiß Kruez, but you do own the fanfic. Of course, I will say it on the fanfiction page, but if you want to be safe, feel free to. But trust me, no one will steal them. :cracks knuckles:
6. Language. If you have swearing please don't write *** or @$$. You're welcome to out right say it or change it. Those are your only options. I do not allow starring out or writing symbols because it looks stupid. Yes, that's my only reason. :P I mean, if you want to say it, why can't you? Trust me, you won't die. And besides, if you're so worried about swearing, feel free to write 'darn', 'heck', 'next dimension', or 'butt.' ^^;;
7. Think before you write. Unlike me, you have to make sure someone would want to read your fic. Don't get me wrong, it's just, know when to stop. Your fic might be great, you just have to know when to end it. ;)
8. As I said before, the file must be a text, HTML, or Word file. HTML is helpful, text is fine, and Word is just dandy. You pick. ^^
9. Try to keep people in character. Think if someone else could be the character. Could Farfello easily play Omi? Is Yoji a lot like Ken? Make sure they have personalities. If you think it's hopeless, list 'OCC' as one of the warnings. Hey, some people are picky about that kind of thing. ~o^
10. Have fun! I like fics, so make sure it wasn't a real chore to write. Don't push yourself. And THANK YOU!!! [Oo... Three exclamation marks. I'm really thankful. -.^]