Hello, everyone! Please read the rules and fill out the following form to submit a link and send the form in an e-mail to me at MewMouse13@aol.com. Thank you! [Below is the submission form for submitting a link and the submission rules.]

Submission Form

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Please send a banner or button if you would like me to post one in JPEG or bitmap form. JPEG is preferred. Thank you!

Submission Rules

1. The site you submit must be your own.
2. The site may not contain any unlabeled hentai material. [no porn]
3. The site must not be an anti-site, or have any negative material [racially, religiously, sexually, etc.].
4. The site must relate to anime, preferrably Weiß Kreuz.
5. Your site must be a site and not a "Coming Soon" page.
6. You must notify me when you move.
7. Your site must be something of quality [with correct grammar, spelling, the whole bit!].
8. You must link back to me... sucker.
9. Be proud of your site! ^^ And thank you!