12-17-03 -- Updated About Me page. I haven't worked in a long time due to frustration and trouble transfering to my domain, which hasn't been put up.

7-23-03 -- Added icons (2) by Schaly to special page. Added new link to Schaly's icon site on links page.

7-8-03 -- Updated thanks page.

6-28-03 -- Added another wonderful fanart from Kara Angitia. :D

6-25-03 -- Added a new, adorable fanart from Kara Angitia. Thank you! I also changed some minor things on the fanart page which were annoying me. :D [later] Changed a few things on the main page [text], switched the picture/text on the award page around, and updated the about me page, as well as deleted some pictures there. I also deleted all the updates until January 2003 for space and downloading time reasons. Yay.

6-2-03 -- Updated thanks page. :)

5-31-03 -- Added a new fanart called "Chibi Love" by Kara. Thank you! :)

5-16-03 -- Posted a new link.

5-13-03 -- Moved some links from the main page to the links page to speed up download time. I hope that helps. :)

5-10-03 -- Added a new fanart called "Embrace" by Ace. Thank you, Ace! ^^

4-26-03 -- Changed guestbook and guestbook link on main page. Also updated the thanks page.

4-2-03 -- Added Love again and Flour Kisses to the fiction section by Sei-chan and Ami-chan. Go read them. :p

3-29-03 -- Updated thanks page.

3-26-03 -- Removed border on SS banner on main page and editted the warning page. Considering moving SKi. [$4/mo] [later] I made back-up files on my computer for every item on the site. This will also help if I move. ^^

3-23-03 -- I posted Rae's e-mail address for both of her fics and Jim Morningstar's fic, I Know. It's so cute, go read it! Updated thanks page and about me page. I added Amy the Yu's fanfic, The ENd of a New Beginning. It's so good, but depressing! ; . ;

3-22-03 -- I fixed something on the submit a link page and added Ribi's e-mail address on the fanfic page. I've been reading fanfics and I requested permission to post two fics. ^^ [12 hours later] Thank you, Sayuri! I posted her fic, Under the Stars. ^^ Enjoy! I also editted the other fics, meaning I removed the backgrounds [so you can easily read them] and made the titles bold. W00t. [1 hour later] Thank you, Neko4! I posted her fic, At the Bookstore. :) Go read it! [I just requested it too. Thank you for e-mailing me back so fast Neko4, Sayuri and Tasuki No Miko!] Updated thanks page. Added Tasuki No Miko's fic, Touch of an Angel. Thank you! I recommend reading it. ^^

3-20-03 -- It's spring! I made it so all links on the main page open in a new window. Yay! Thanks to Tor, by the way. :) I've been reading fanfics and once I get through a few more disks, I'll try to track down the authors and e-mail them, asking permission to use their fics. ^^ I'll update soon!

2-14-03 -- Happy Valentine's Day! ^^ I posted the new image map [yay!!], which includes some new pages. :) I also added three adoptions to the adoptions page, added a note to the special page [which I'll work on shortly], editted some of the main page, added the ShoujoStation banner to both the main page [it used to be a text link] and the links page, and added a Beautiful Pain banner as well. Enjoy!

2-13-03 -- Edited all submission pages [art, link, fic, and main], changed some things on the about page, and completely updated thanks page [with everyone's name who signed the guestbook :)].

2-12-03 -- Wow, tired... Okay, for every page I changed the font color and size, and I added a pretty scrollbar for every page. Hopefully, the site looks a lot better. ^^; I'll try to put the image map up soon so you can reach the new pages, and I'll be adding new material! On Valentine's Day, I think I'm going to read all those shounen-ai fics... ^^;

2-11-03 -- Planned and plotted on how I'm going to improve SKi. :)

2-10-03 -- Okay, I uploaded the kawaii award I won from Beautiful Pain onto the awards section [which I'll post soon...], added a picture of Ken to the Ken information section, added a picture of Omi to the Omi information section, editted the about me section, added fanfiction.net and anipike to the links section, and uploaded the ski banner I made yesterday and put it on the link page. :) Yay!

2-9-03 -- I made a list of everything I must do in the next six months. It's two pages. O.O Anyway, science research is over, so I should have more time to work on SKi. Yay! I'll try hard to finish everything I want to do. :) Wish me luck!

1-19-03 -- I got rid of the border around an Omi adoption, moved my adopted Botan to a different page [he didn't match ><], posted a new poll, and updated the 'About Me' section.

1-5-03 -- Removed icky borders from image gallery and altered the main page slightly. Woot.